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Tribal Programs

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Program Name Street Address City Zip Code County License Status License Holder Initial Effective Date Contact Person Phone Email
Mash-Ka-Wisen8/31/15: APPRVD (SERVICES) for both adult and adolescent high intensity with co-occuring special pops and medical service enhancements1150 Mission RoadSawyer55780CarletonActiveMash-Ka-Wisen01/01/2015NoneNoneNone
Ahnji Be Mah Diz Center2/25/16: APPRVD (SERVICES); (Adult RES HIGH-CULT SP), (RES MED, R&B)16427 69th Ave NWCass Lake556633CassActiveLeech Lake Tribal Council12/04/2014NoneNoneNone
Leech Lake Womens Outpatient2/25/16: APPRVD (NON RES, CTS W/CHILD, CULT SP)113 Balsam Ave NWCass Lake56633CassActiveLeech Lake Tribal Council11/27/2014NoneNoneNone
Leech Lake Womens Halfway House2/26/2016: APPRVD (R&B MED RES, CULT SP) 10/1/2016 APPRVD (RES HIGH CULT SP)113 7th St. NWCass Lake56633CassActiveLeech Lake Tribal Council01/01/2015NoneNoneNone
Leech Lake Outpatient Treament Pgm2/26/2016: APPRVD (NON RES, CULT SP)6098 161st St. NWCass Lake56633CassActiveLeech Lake Tribal Council05/01/1997NoneNoneNone
Anishinaabe Miikana Gidamaajitaamin3/3/2016: APPRVD (NON RES, CULT SP)13071 Nett Lake RoadNett Lake55772NettActiveMinnesota Chippewa Tribe01/02/2007Pamela Hughes218-753-2347phughes@boisforte-nsn.gov
Anishinaabe Miikana Gidamaajitaamin3/3/2016: APPRVD (NON RES, CULT SP)1198 County Road 77Tower55790St. LouisActiveMinnesota Chippewa Tribe01/13/1999Pamela Hughes218-753-2347phughes@boisforte-nsn.gov
Aazhoomog3/15/2016: APPRVD (ADOL, CULT SP)45741 Grace Lake RoadSandstone55072PineActiveMille Lacs Band of Ojbwe08/18/2006Crystal Weckert320-532-7769Crystal.Weckert@hhs.millelacsband-nsn.gov
Mille Lacs Outpatient Treatment3/15/2016: APPRVD (ADOL, CULT SPEC) NON RES, CULT SP42273 Twilight RoadOnamia56359Mille LacsActiveMille Lacs Band of Ojbwe07/01/1997Crystal Weckert320-532-7769Crystal.Weckert@hhs.millelacsband-nsn.gov
East Lake Outpatient3/15/2016: APPRVD (ADOL, CULT SP, Adult outpatient, CULT SP)36666 State Highway 65McGregor55760AitkinActiveMille Lacs Band of Ojbwe04/09/2007Crystal Weckert320-532-7769Crystal.Weckert@hhs.millelacsband-nsn.gov
Mille Lacs Band Halfway House3/15/2016: APPRVD (RES MED,CULT SP, R&B, CULT SP)17222 Ataage DriveOnamia56359Mille LacsActiveMille Lacs Band of Ojbwe04/01/2002Crystal Weckert320-532-7769Crystal.Weckert@hhs.millelacsband-nsn.gov
Mille Lacs Band Of Ojibwe Cd Outpt3/16/2016: APPRVD (ADOL, CULT SP, NON RES, CULT SP,502 Weber AvenueHinckley55037PineActiveMille Lacs Band of Ojbwe06/18/2013Crystal Weckert320-532-7769Crystal.Weckert@hhs.millelacsband-nsn.gov
Tagwii Out Patient ProgramAPPRVD 5/23/2016 (NON RES, CULT SP, CO/OC)61 Marigold LaneCloquet55720CarltonActiveFond du Lac06/07/2010NoneNoneNone
Woniya Kini Behavioral ServicesAPPRVD 4/14/2016 (NON RES, CTS W/ CHILD, CO/OC CULT SP)39568 Res. Hwy 1Morton56270RenvilleActiveLower Sioux Indian Community05/31/2013Rebecca Pendleton507-697-6288None
Oosh-kii-mii-kah-nah Halfway House6/24/2016: APPRVD (RES-MED, CULT SP, R&B15566 Dakota AveRedby56670BeltramiActiveRed Lake Band of Chippewa Indians03/08/1982Tom Barrett218-679-1545Tbarrett@redlakenation.org
Red Lake Treatment Center6/24/2016: APPRVD (RES-HIGH, RES-MED, CULT SP, R&B15566 Dakota AveRedby56670BeltramiActiveRed Lake Band of Chippewa Indians07/01/2005Tom Barrett218-679-1545None
Red Lake Group Home6/24/2016: APPRVD (ADOL RES-HIGH, CULT SP, R&B14414 Green Lake RoadRedby56670BeltramiActiveRed Lake Band of Chippewa Indians11/06/1998Tom Barrett218-679-1545None
Red Lake Outpatient Program6/24/2016: APPRVD (ADULT OUTPT, CULT SP, ADOL OUTPT, CULT SP,15979 Main AveRedlake56671BeltramiActiveRed Lake Band of Chippewa Indians05/30/2012Tom Barrett218-679-1545None
White Earth Substance Abuse ProgramUnknown1730 Clifton AveMinneapolis55403HennepinUnknownWhite Earth Nation01/31/1981Pat MoranNoneNone
White Earth Mat Program09/07/16 APPRVD (Adults Men/Women, MAT, CULT SP, OTHER MED, MAT PLUS SERVICES CULT SP, OTHER MED)26246 Crane RoadWhite Earth56591unknownInitiate NewWhite Earth Nation02/07/2011Julie Williams Mina SpallaNoneNone
Oshki Manidoo Mat Program8/25/2016: APPRVD (MAT, PLUS OTHER MED, NON-RES, CULT SP)1740 15th Street NWBemidji56601BeltramiInitiate NewWhite Earth Nation10/25/1998Jeremy Syverson218-751-6553Jeremy.Syverson@whiteearth-nsn.gov
Naytahwaush Mat Program9/07/16 APPRVD (MAT, CULT SP, OTHER MED, MAT PLUS SERVICES CULT SP, OTHER MED)2531 310th Avenue Mahnomen, MN 56566Mahnomen56566unknownInitiate NewWhite Earth Nation12/11/1991Julie Williams Mina SpallaNoneNone
Oshki Manidoo New Spirit Center3/10/2016: APPRVD (ADOL, NON-RES, CULT SP; ADOL R&B, CULT SP1741 15th St. NWBemidji56601BeltramiActiveWhite Earth Nation05/01/2014Jeremy Syverson218-751-6553Jeremy.Syverson@whiteearth-nsn.gov
Urban Moms Program04/04/2016: APPRVD (ADULT OUTPT,CULT SP) 01/01/2017: APPRVD (MAT, CULT SP, Other MED); (MAT PLUS, CULT SP, Other MED)1730 Clifton PlaceMinneapolis554703HennepinUnknownWhite Earth Nation07/09/2001Pat Moran Sherri Moldenhauer612-872-8208None
White Earth Men's Substance Abuse Primary Care4/11/16: APPRVD (RES MED, CULT SP, R&B)2388 State Hwy 200Mahnomen56557MahnomenActiveWhite Earth Nation06/25/1991Jean Dakota218-936-5830None
Womens Wellbriety Center3/10/2016: APPRVD (RES MED, CTS W/ CHILD, CULT SP, R&B; NON-RES, CTS W/CHILD, CULT SP)1741 15th St. NWBemidji56601BeltramiActiveWhite Earth Nation01/01/2013Jeremy Syverson218-751-6553Jeremy.Syverson@whiteearth-nsn.gov
Mino Wii Jii Win Outpatient ProgramADOL, NON-RES, CULT SP, CO/OC63 Marigold Ln.Cloquet55720CarltonActiveUnknown11/24/2010Richard Colsen218-878-3875None
White Earth Substance Abuse Program9/25/15: APPRVD (ADOL OUTPT, CULT SP, ADULT OUTPT, CULT SP,1730 Clifton AveMinneapolis55403HennepinUnknownWhite Earth Nation10/26/1998NoneNoneNone
Circle Back CenterLICENSE ACTIVE JUNE 6, 2016 TO JUNE 18, 2018, ADOL, NON-RES, CULT SP,35708 County Highway 21,Ogema56569BeckerActiveWhite Earth Nation07/03/2013David McArthur218-847-3602dave.mcarthur@whiteearth-nsn.gov
White Earth Urban Mat ProgramLICENSE ACTIVE September 19, 2016 TO September 19, 2018, NON RES CTS W/CHILD, CULT SP, MAT CULT SP, MAT PLUS,1730 Clifton PlaceMinneapolis55403HennepinInitiate NewWhite Earth Nation01/01/1999Sheree Moldenhauer612-872-8208 ext. 6613Sheree.Moldenhauer@whiteearth-nsn.gov
Mille Lacs Band Four Winds ProgramLICENSE ACTIVE 3/01/2017 to ; 2/28/2018: APPRVD (ADULT RES HIGH, MED, LOW-CULT SP; ADULT R&B) (ADOL RES-CULT SP, ADOL-R&B)11600 State AvenueBrainerd56401Crow WingInitiate NewMille Lacs Band of Ojibwe08/17/1998Lisa Levig218-454-8903None
Fond Du Lac Adolescent Outpatient Treatment Program04/21/2017: LICENSE ACTIVE 01/31/2017 to 01/30/2020: ADOL OUT PT., CULT SP, CO-OC, CULT SP221 West 4th StreetDuluth55806St. LouisInitiate NewFond du Lac09/07/2007Jennifer DuPuis218-878-3723JenniferDupuis@FDLREZ.COM
Fond Du Lac Adult Outpatient Treatment Program04/21/2017: LICENSE ACTIVE 01/31/2017 to 01/30/2020: Approved for NON-RES, CULT SP, CO/OC, Cult SP; CTS W/ CHILD221 West 4th StreetDuluth55806St. LouisInitiate NewFond du Lac01/01/2006Jennifer DuPuis218-878-3723JenniferDupuis@FDLREZ.COM